Ingmar Chemicals

Company Ingmar Chemicals AS, was established 2013 in Estonia, with the aim of coordination and centralized supply of chemical raw materials for Ingmar Group companies. Today business of Ingmar Chemicals AS covers most European countries, where the company is involved in the contractual supply of chemical raw materials to major consumers and supplies products to the Ingmar Group subsidiaries: in Estonia (AS Ingle), Latvia (SIA “Margunas-Latvija”), Lithuania (UAB “Margunas”), Ukraine (company “Margunas Ukraine”), Poland (Wal-Mar Sp.z oo). All subsidiaries are focused on trade of chemical products and raw materials for the local market. Many of them dispose facilities for handling and storage of solid and liquid chemicals, operate own transport base as railroad tank cars, trucks and tankers.

Thus, Ingmar Chemicals AS using the structure of the group of companies able offer high quality service and the best price solutions to the customers throughout Europe.


Address: Tulika 2, 10613, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 6684834
Fax: +372 6664829